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The fixed-price project is usually budgeted before the start of the job

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Find Electrician near you in affordable price. Most of Electricians Will charge you around £60 to £90 Hourly with the minimum 2 hours cost. And others will fixed the price if known the project. So the homeowners will pay around £140 to £600 to electricians. Some Electrician’s service provider will visit the project first. And then offer the price according to the how is the project condition. Therefore Service provider and Homeowner must deal the payment method before starting the project . Hourly and project rates both are depend on the project finishing time. Finally, to choose an Electrician it is better for the homeowner hire a well experienced Electrician with the electrician’s licenses.

Painting and Decorating

For hiring a painter or decorator must be aware that there is different price methods. As a result, Prepare your budget before calling someone. So, here is the cost of painting and decorating that usually the service provider will request.

1. Pay in square meter it all depends on the material that you are intend to use. For instance painting is between £2 and £4 per coat or for decorating-Wallpaper hanging is between £7 and £10.

2. Pay hourly is about £14 and £18 with minimum 8 hours charge.

3.Fixed-price for standard property size painting with 2 coats are:

Single room: £140 ~ £160 Double Room: £180 ~ £220

Large Rooms / Lounge: £255 Hallway or Landing: £90 ~ £110

Painting & Decorating

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