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About Castle Makers

About Castle Makers

Castle Makers is international leading services in United King down which is going to be worldwide marketplace in several countries around the world.

Castle Makers aim is about helping people to find their needs and connect them to professional service provider.

We are trying to find customers and categorized them in different services and distribute it to the professional team, based on the market demand.

Founder of the company is Arash Ahmadi with very strong vision to make sure the job will be successful in best and comfortable way for customers and clients. Castle makers started with 6 people in the team and planning to add more people to improve the quality in customer service.   

The company has been started in Feb 2020 with deep search and brainstorm with professional web developers to help small business and large ones too.  Castle Makers is working hard for all parties to have a great profit. Our target is sign up 500,000 professionals to the castle makers in next 6 month and launch castle makers in other country which we will announce very soon.

The services are categorized in few parts, basically base on demand we decided to start with residencia and commercial construction and renovation. And definitely we are growing our team to be able to move to next service as soon as possible for other professional.