Why Castlemakers Electrician Service

We assist you by offering the top electrical services at competitive prices. The Castlemakers team is accessible round-the-clock (24/7). Please give us a call or complete the service request form so that we can call you back shortly. All of our electricians are ready to solve both your domestic and commercial issues.


Fault finding

Don’t worry; the team at Castle Makers will quickly identify any electrical problems because they are highly skilled and knowledgeable in the field. Finding a fault is more difficult than most people realize, and a skilled technician is required to prevent the current issue from getting worse. If your fuses tripped and your lights and appliances lost power, please use caution. It indicates that there is a problem with your electrical system. Call an electrician to find the problem before it becomes more serious.

Electrical test and inspection in London (ECIR)

West London’s Landlord Safety Certificate is an electrical test and inspection that is available to all landlords and agencies. To schedule an appointment if a test or inspection is required, contact the electrician at castle maker. If you’re looking for an electrician in west London, give us a call.

Electrical renovation

Electrical renovations are welcome at Castle Makers Electricians. To save you time and money, the top members of our electrician team will assist you in organizing all of the materials for the renovation. We’ll provide you with a renovation plan. For the best quote on electrical renovation in west London, kindly call us.

Upgrade fuse Box?

All old fuse box need to upgrade, because the old one will not pass conditional test and inspection reports. You need to upgrade to metal fuse box with new fuse and RCD. If need to upgrade fuse box call us now to make an appointment. Do not waste your time to Look for Electrician. Call us Now

Install security system

Installing a security system is crucial for protecting your home, apartment, or any commercial property. There are many different security systems available, and we can assist you in making your decision. The most recent security system will be installed by a West London electrician.

Install electric boiler
If you don’t have a gas system, install an electric boiler. Utilizing energy-efficient boilers allows users of electric boilers to gain more every day. Because it involves electricity, water, and human life, a boiler that runs on electricity needs to be installed carefully. You must contact a knowledgeable electrician. Contact Castle Makers Electricians right away.
Service electric boiler

Without a doubt, an electrical boiler won’t function flawlessly forever. You should periodically service your electrical boiler to prevent any issues. With or without contracts, our electricians are prepared to service your boiler. Your boiler will last longer if you maintain it regularly.

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