Painting and Decorating

Painting and Decorating Services

Nowadays, anyone who buys or rents a property may need to repair, paint, or decorate it.

A new well painted and decorated house, flat or commercial property that we have just moved in, can affect everything from our self-perception to our confidence and productivity.

 SO, go ahead and choose Castle Makers company, our fully qualified team of painters and decorators   cover a wide range of sectors, they understand the importance of high-quality paintwork and decoration. Not only our experienced team can give you advice on the best quality and price but also, they can create an environment in which you can be the best version of yourself.

They can also do it well and you will end up with a comfortable happy home.

Most landlords complain about the time consuming and daily charges of painting and decorating But Castle Makers team will fix the price first and start immediately after dealing the price of whole jobs. It will save more time and money for landlords.

You will have a much greater chance of success with Castle makers painting and decorating team.

Exterior painting and decorating

Painting the exterior of the house is Not as easy job. The exterior house painting needs the proper tools, materials, and equipment’s. A good house painting job requires a lot of prep work which is as important as the painting itself (cleaning, sanding, and priming). Without enough experience of exterior painting the results will not be acceptable. The painting needs to do for long lasting results. The Castle Makers painter’s teams are very professional and have years of experience to get exterior house (wall, windows and fences) painting done fast and done right  with safety and extremely high quality.

Interior painting and Decorating

As we live inside the house, we should keep it clean, there is No better way to freshen up your interior house than painting and decorating it. If you feel painting and decorating your interior property is out of your knowledge or if you do not have enough time to do it, you can look for professional service that can help you with the work.   Castle Makers company offers excellent painting and decorating service with high qualified materials and equipment’s that can help you complete the project in no time.

Kitchen & Bathroom Tiling

Castle Makers company is here to give your home a new fresh look. If you are looking for perfect new look to your kitchen and bathroom, you are in the right place. Castle Makers team are here to offer you the wide range of tiles such as stone, marble with different effects and will help you to discover the right fit for your kitchen and bathroom tiling.

Wet Room Tiling, Victorian Tiling

As we move towards the modern world, we can bring some luxury in to our homes by having wet bathrooms. since the tiling of wet baths are different from the old baths it needs expert team such as Castle Makers team to give you consultants.  It is recommended to use different tiles such as   Porcelain, Natural Stone, and mosaic for the floor of the wet room and ceramic tiles for walls.  Porcelain is the most recommended for floor because it is stronger, slip resistance and more durable long term.

Commercial/Domestic work

Castle Makers team has years of experience in painting and decorating and provides the full range of painting and decorating services including domestics, commercials properties like offices, restaurants, and shops and residential properties such as house or flats with the highest standard of finish each time.

Wall coverings Painting and Decorating

Instead of painting walls you can cover and decorate your walls with different materials. Castle Makers can decorate your walls with materials such as:

Wallpaper, Temporary Wallpaper, Hanging Art/Photos, Tiles, Shelves, Curtains, Paper hangings, and so on.

Stain and Varnish work

Castle Makers experts will Stain and Varnish your wooden decorations with wide range of methods and colors.

painting and decorating Stain Varnish work




Installation, repair, and maintenance

Roof installation, as roofs are the most important structural components of every home, a new roof can improve the appearance and safety of your home and increase its value. Our expert roof installation teams are ready to make your new roof or extension with different types of materials such as tiles, lead, slate, flat and felt systems.

Roof Repair is highly recommended with the first sign of leakage or damage. Always use professional repair person or company before it extended as a big problem. We will send our best roof repair teams with advance equipment in case of any emergency repair requirements.

Roof maintenance, Castel Makers company are ready to provide roof maintenance to all landlords, with low annually charges.

Laminate Flooring

Window Repair Care

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