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Electrician London

Electrician London is reliable for all kind of electrical and electrician services. Call now or fill up the request form to quote you in a minuet. Our services are available in all around London such as, north, south, central, west and east

Electrician London

How can we help, for your Electrician problem in London

Our Expert Electricians team are available all around London area and surrounded. It’s not matter where do you live, we are waiting for your call 24 hours 7 days week. Please call us or fill up the service request form to call you back in a few minutes for immediate action . All our electricians are ready to solve your domestic, local commercial problems.

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Electrician all London area

Our electricians team are available in all London area.
North London, South London, East London and West London.
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Electrician all around London

We are available in all London area if need an electrician

Just fill up the request form or press the Call us link or button. You will receive call back in less than a minute. Please check North, South , central, east or west area electrician to find the suitable electrician near you.

What services our electrician can do for you

  • Fault finding
  • Electrical test and inspection
  • Electrical renovation
  • Rewiring
  • Install lighting
  • Repair light fixtures
  • Install fuse box
  • Upgrade fuse box
  • Install electrical fittings
  • Install security system
  • install smoke alarm
  • Install electric radiators, shower and boiler
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Install car charger
  • And Other electrical services

Electrician North London

We have many Electrician in North London. Our Electrician in North London are ready to serve you very fast. Castle Makers cover all North London Area such as:

Electrician North London

Barnet Electrican

Barnet area and covering counties and electrical services are available in:

  • Whetstone
  • North Finchley
  • Finchley
  • Hendon
  • Golders Green

Enfield Electrician

  • Botany Bay
  • Gordan Hill
  • Oakwood
  • Brimsdown
  • Southgate
  • Palmers Green
  • Ponder’s End
  • Edmonton

Haringey Electrician

  • Noel Park
  • Tottenham

Waltham Forest

  • Chingford Mount

Electrician South London

Electrician South London

  • Bromley

    • Penge
    • Hayes
    • West Wickham
    • Chislehurst
    • Beckenham
    • Orpington
  • Croydon

    •  Coulsdon
    • Purley
    • South Norwood
    • Norbury
    • New Addington
    • Thornton Heath
  • Kingston upon Thames

    •  Surbiton
    • Chessington
    • Malden Rushett
    • New Malden
    • Tolworth
  • Merton

    • Mitcham
    • Morden
    • Wimbledon
    • Raynes Park
    • Colliers Wood
    • South Wimbledon
    • Wimbledon Park
    • Pollards Hill
  • Sutton

  • Wandsworth

Electrician Central London

Electrician Central London

  • Camden

  • City of London

  • Kensington

  • Chelsea

  • Islington

  • Lambeth

  • Southwark

  • Westminster

Electrician East London

Electrician East London

  • Barking

  • Dagenham

  • BexleyGreenwich

  • Hackney

  • Havering

  • Lewisham

  • Newham

  • Redbridge

  • Tower Hamlets

  • Waltham Forest

Electrician West London

Electrician west London

  • Brent

  • Ealing

  • Hammersmith

  • Fulham

  • Harrow

  • Richmond upon Thames

  • Hillingdon

  • Hounslow

Fault finding

As your fuses Tripped and your appliances and lights get power off, It is mean there is a fault over you electrician. And need to solve it imminently. Otherwise the electrical fault might extent and make bigger problems. Our Experts and highly skilled electrician in London are waiting for your call to be with you in your commercial or residential property in a short time.

Our electricians in London will start initial inspection of field survey. Then they will start to do the immediate action to make everything safe and secure. After that they will start to check fuse box and follow the Electrician fault finding rules to resolve the problem fast as possible according the electricals standards and regulations. In some case the  residential or commercial property need rewiring or install new fittings.

Electrical test and inspection in London (ECIR)

Electrical test and inspection is Standards Regulations 2020 require for Private Rented Sector of England to make sure national standards for electrical safety are met according to 18th edition of Wiring Regulations.

At Least each 5 years Landlord must make sure the electrical installation in the property is safe by asking a qualified and competent person to inspecting all the property electrical system according to the latest regulations. If there is any fault finding, you may need to change install new fuse box or upgrade it. All the fittings, lights and fixtures will inspect one by one. It is better to do Electrical inspection after any Electrical renovation.

Electrical renovation

Electrical renovation is very important to hire well experienced person. Because electrical renovation needs a lot of attention to the previous electrical plan.

As most of old building need to renovate the electrical system and rewiring or change fixtures. our team will try to do the best with care about the main building.

By renovating the electrical system, your commercial or domestic’s property will get to highest electrical standards in London.


Rewiring mean take the old wires out or and new wiring

A full rewiring involves an electrician, or team of electricians in London, removing all of the electrical wiring in every room of your home. Lights, sockets and switches are also all removed and updated to modern ones. If there is any new electrical devices such as: install electric radiators, Install electric shower or install electric boiler you need to change or upgrade your fuse box with new wiring.

Install lighting

The best thing to install lighting is hire an expert electrician if you are not familiar with electrician. First thing about installing lights is safety,  second is do it clean finishing before make worse than it was.

While someone think light installing is very easy, But it still need to have at least basic knowledge about electrician. Also need to know how to use tools with enough experiences. Many people in London call electricians after they ruining everything. And in some case it is dangerous to play with AC power.

Repair light fixtures

Repair light fixtures is like doing surgery. It is need to do rules one by one. Experience always comes first for repair or change light fixtures. If he/she makes a mistake, you may also need a builder. then you must pay not only to the electrician but also need to pay to builders.

Please think carefully and call an London electrician before waste your money and time. if it isn’t your profession.

During the repair light fixtures must check the wiring and fittings.

Install fuse Box

Let’s our electrician install fuse box for you. It is very important for installing the fuse box, because installing fuse box need a plan which must study carefully and analyze all scenarios before start installing fuse box. The Electrician must use good fuse box quality to avoid any issue for quality and electrical Installation Condition Report(ECIR).

Upgrade fuse Box

Many old fuse box need to change or upgrade because of  new rewiring system or new regulations. Some fuse box need to make big change and add more fuses or other control devices such as RCD to get approval for your safety according to the latest regulations. In some cases the old fuse box need to change totally.

Install Electrical fittings

Installing electrical fitting is very common in these days. Some time sockets broken or need to and sockets. The electricals will install socket to your electric circuit with compliant with IEE electrical regulations. Only electrician will following safety precautions and never take a risk if you are not an electrician.

Install security system

Nowadays install security system is one of first priority for keep your property safe and secure. As you might know there are verity of  brand and security system models. We as expert and well experienced electrician will advice and suggest you to install best security systems by attention to the property situation and location. call us know to to get the best offer for install security system.

Install smoke alarm

One of important Safety equipment is smoke alarm. Install smoke alarm before it get late. Installing smoke alarm need to be professional in electrician and know well about gas and safety. installing new smoke alarm need wiring or rewiring and some new models use battery instead of AC and do not need wiring. It need to choose standard type of smoke alarms and test it after installation. Every year need to check and test smoke alarm which it work well and if it work with battery need to replace with new one before the it discharge.

Install electric radiators

Install electric radiators is very popular in these days. Most of people try to upgrade their heating system to electrical radiator instead of boilers and centralized system. It is better to use the latest energy efficiency electric radiators. By fitting the suitable electric radiator system you will safe more money and will have more accurate temperature control. Of course you know by using electrical system instead of Fossil Fuels. Electrical energy will help our planet and  it is more environment friendly than using gas. The Castle Makers electrician will help you true right way to find and install electric radiator.

Install electric shower

For installing electric shower you need to call an Electrician and one plumbing person. Castle Makers will send a teem to do it for you with the latest related regulations. In case of need to wiring and rewiring or need to and new install fitting call castle makers electricians. They will do all surrounded and related jobs to install your electric shower with the latest safety regulations for approval the EICR.

Energy efficient lighting

By using energy efficient lighting you will safe more than you pay during lifetime usage. The energy efficient light might be more costly in beginning but by the time you will safe more by less balance bill. in future and after will you will save. Using less energy not only safe your money but also help to safe more fuel sources. Castle makers will help you to get high quality and more energy efficient lights and send electrician to help you install your new lights.


Install electrical car charger

Call Castle Makers to install car charger with the best cost and reliable system. Castel Makers electrician are certified for install electrical car charger. Please check our certificates before install charger.

Install electric boiler

The good news is the Castle makers Ltd. is professional in install electric boiler. New electric boilers are more energy efficiency than the old models. Our electrician and pluming persons will install electric boiler very fast and accurate and

Service electric boiler

Most of houses using electric boilers in these days. service electric boiler is our man job. Electrician team will servicing your electric boiler on time and survey your electric boiler annually. It will help you to keep your electric boiler energy efficient same as the first day.