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How can we help, for your needs in Electrician North London

Electrician north London, Our Large Expert in Electricians North London are available in all area and surrounded. We are waiting for your call 24 hours 7 days week. Please call us or fill the service request form to call you back in a few minutes. All our electricians are ready to solve your demotic, local commercial problems.



  • Fault finding
  • Electrical test and inspections
  • electrical renovation
  • Rewiring
  • Install Lighting
  • Repair light fixtures
  • Install Fuse Box
  • Upgrade Fuse Box
  • Service Electrical Boiler
  • Install Electrical Fittings
  • Install Security System
  • Install Smoke Alarm
  • Install Electric Radiator
  • Install Electric Shower
  • Install Electrical Boiler
  • Install Car Chargers
  • Other Electrician
  • Energy efficient lighting

Why use our products

Our products is the best and reliable that you can find in all North London. Products can be use as Hourly and fixed price. call us now or submit request form now to get call back with best offer in a minute.

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Fault finding

Electrician North London are ready to make Fault finding in a short time. They will use advance equipment to find the fault as fast as possible. Please take care, if your fuses tripped and your appliances and lights get power off. It is mean there is something wrong with your electrical system. Call Electrician to find the faulty, before faulty extend to serious problems.

Electrical test and inspection in London (ECIR)

Electrical test and inspection in north London is available for all landlords and agencies. The castle maker’s Electrician in north London is waiting for your call. If need electrician in north London for test and inspection, do not waste you time by cowboy electricians. Give us a call if you look for electrician in north London

Electrical renovation

Electrical renovation is common in north London. Electrician in north London will help you to manage all your requirements before start the renovation to save your time and money. We will give you renovation plan. Please call us if need Electrical renovation in north London to get best quote.


Rewiring with the Electrician North London is the best idea. Because our team are very professional in rewiring with best materials. Give us a call if need rewiring in north London. Call us Now to get the best quote in North London with Castel Makers.

Install lighting

Install lighting in new buildings or new installing light in any preparties must do by electricians. As electricians will use their electrical knowledge’s and experiences to install lights accurate and you will get a clean light installation.

Repair light fixtures

Repair light fixtures need to handle it carefully. the Castle maker’s Electrician in North London will repair fixtures by using best tools to avoid any damage to your property. Need us, Call us.

Install fuse Box

Install fuse box always need reliable electricians. Fuse box is one of important part of electricians job, Because installing fuse box bust be accurate and according the latest regulations to pass ECIR test. It is very important to get Landlord certificate before rent the property. And Fuse Box is very important to pass the ECIR test.

Other Electrician London

Our electricians are available in all North London area.
Enfield, Garden Hill, Brimsdown, Oakwood, Palmers Green, Ponder’s End, Edmonton, Barnet, Whestone, North Finchley, Fenchley, Hendon, Golders Green, Tottenham, Noel Park, Haringey, Chaingford Mount, Walthamstow.

Upgrade fuse Box

All old fuse box need to upgrade, because the old one will not pass conditional test and inspection reports. You need to upgrade to metal fuse box with new fuse and RCD. If need to upgrade fuse box call us now to make an appointment. Do not waste your time to Look for Electrician. Call us Now

Install Electrical fittings

install Electrical fittings is available for all kind of properties such as residential or commercials. for install electrical fittings the electricians will come and install it for you. By installing fittings in proper ways your property will get more safe.

Install security system

install the security system is very important to secure your house, flat or any commercial properties. There are many different security system in market and we can help you to choose. Electrician north London will install the security system with the latest security system.

Install smoke alarm

Install smoke alarm is the way to protect your property from fire. It need to have good installation according to the kitchen location. For instance it need to install some alarm proper distance from appliances to check the smoke and find it is real fire happened or not.

Install electric radiators

Install Electric radiators or gas system radiator? As governments try to reduce air pollutions and stop providing gas to new building, the electrical radiators is the best choice. If need or look for install electric radiator we will send you our electrician in north London to do installation for you.

Install electric shower

Nowadays installing electrical shower is common in the buildings that do not have gas system. Our certified electrician will come and install electric shower in safe way in same day service. Call now if need to Install Electrical Shower

Energy efficient lighting

Energy efficient lighting will cut your bill sharply down. By using Energy efficient light not only you will safe a lot of money during years, but also will help environment by using less energy and safe more resources for next generations. Call our Electrician now

Install electrical car charger

Every day we face growing the number of electric cars more and more in streets. according to our experience each electric car need it’s own electrical car charger. Castle makers teem are ready to install electrical car charger as standard of vehicles requirement models in north London.

Install electric boiler

Install electric boiler if you don not have gas system. Day by day using electric boiler get more by using energy efficient boilers. Boiler that using electrical power need to install carefully because it involve with electric, water and human life. It is need to call expert electrician. Call Castle makers Electricians now

Service electric boiler

Of course electrical boiler will not work for life time without any problem or faulty. For avoiding any problems need to service your electrical boiler time to time. Our electricians are ready to service your boiler with or without contracts. Regular boiler services will keep your boiler working more.

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Electrician North London

Fault Finding, Electrical Test and Inspection in London (ECIR), Electrical Renovation, Rewiring, Install Lighting, Repair Light Fixtures, Install Fuse Box, Upgrade Fuse Box, Install Electrical Fittings, Install Security System, Install Smoke Alarm, Install Electric Radiators, Install Electric shower, Energy Efficient Lighting, Other, Install Electrical Car Charger, Install Electric Boiler, Service Electric Boiler



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